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I spent most of college





and all I have to show for it

is this page

it is autumn in los angeles

bright and sunny

i read mary oliver on the porch

i stare at the hills and think

of that silver woman

in her golden years

pressing pearls on the page

fixing diamond thoughts in wood

will i ever be that wise

that elegant?

in my mind i am

forever just a child.

the grace of our mothers

and our grandmothers

more radiant than jewels

more shimmering than metals

it is perhaps like the autumn sun

in los angeles

since i was dust

and will be dust again

since you were dust

and will be dust again

since we are dust

and will be dust again

i have decided

i will no longer

give any fucks

but only love

everything in my home is a clock

my phone is a clock

my computer is a clock

my bluetooth speaker is a clock

my microwave oven is a clock

my stove is a clock

my rice cooker is a clock

my coffee machine is a clock

my watch is obviously a clock

my wall clock is literally a clock

and yet

I run late

all the time

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