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I spent most of college





and all I have to show for it

is this page

and I’m watching Casino Royale

on my laptop, in bed

with a glass of pinot noir

and I swear I wasn’t thinking of you but

there’s that scene where Bond tells Vesper

"your beauty is a problem"

because people won’t take her seriously

and I thought of you

not because I was thinking of you

but if you remember the last time

you invited yourself over

how we talked

about our world

about our society

about our families

about our deepest insecurities

about love

and you said something

to that same effect

anyway I wasn’t thinking of you

it just reminded me of when

you said you met someone

that you're in love

and that you can talk

about the world

about family

about love

while I sit with a glass of pinot noir

in bed, on my laptop

watching Casino Royale

on a Monday night

not thinking of you

I inhale your memory

every chance that I get

but the scent gets thinner and thinner

like an ancient statue

depraved of its nose

wholly unwhole

as a child

nothing was more impressive to me

than my mother’s ability

to remove the pit of an avocado

she would neatly slice one open, then




in one fell swoop

and after seeing that

you could not convince me

she wasn’t a superhero

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