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I spent most of college





and all I have to show for it

is this page

my parents desperately wanted

a daughter

they already had a son

why would they want another?

I’ve been asking the same question

ever since I was born

I love you like a sister

but sometimes

talking to you is like

texting a landline

but it’s too hot to move

this Sunday afternoon

so I intrude on the life

of an old poet I admire

marveling at how drab he seems

compared to his mind

while his image walks

the same streets I know so

so well

oh Frank, if you are reading this now

and you might be, knowing how you love

words on a page

like so

please do not be offended

your pen gave birth to mine

along with William and Emily—

but really mostly you

which is why it is not right for me to criticize

your weight or height or general stature

and besides

I should be at the gym

this Sunday afternoon

but it’s too hot to move

and I missed missing you

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